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Catlin Tucker’s Blog

Catlin Tucker’s blog highlights great lesson ideas and creates emphasis on the blended learning model.  As one of the author’s of the book Blended Learning in Action, Catlin Tucker harks back to several lessons within her book and expanses upon the ideas written there in.

Several of her post surround the idea of student choice such as in the post entitled, “Playlist: A Path to Personalized Learning” which explores the idea of students picking and choosing their own activities or pathways to their learning.  In another of her posts, she writes about giving having students think and act like researchers in order to get them generating thought provoking questions and learning.  “Train Your Students to Think Like Researchers” is her most recent post on her blog in which Catlin Tucker discuss some ideas and strategies to get student thinking like researchers.  Not only does the blog give lesson extension, but it also gives great instructions and information on newer technology tools that teachers can use to ‘tech’ up their lessons.  One such post entitled, “InsertLearning: Transform Any Webpage into an Interactive Lesson” goes into detail about what InsertLearning does, how to get it, and how best to incorporate it into your classroom.

Why This Blog? At this point, the better question might be, ‘Why not this blog?’.  Catlin Tucker’s blog is also an essential blog to have in your classroom especially for any educator interested in the blended learning model or if you school is making the shift to that model.  This blog is filled with useful information, easy to read and follow, and did I mention it was full of amazing technology tips?

I give this blog a 5 out of 5 rose rating.


The Innovative Educator


The Innovative Educator by Lisa Nielsen is a blog filled with thought provoking entries and great tips on keeping up with a generation of students that are all about staying connected through the use of technology.  The blog contains information/importance of the Bring Your Own Device policies many schools across the country have adopted along with the useful tips on creating an innovative environment for the most reluctant of learners.

In one of her post, “6 Innovative Options for Students Who Don’t Like Regular School“, Lisa Nielsen explores 6 different choices for students who feel regular school just isn’t for them some of which are virtual school and career technology schools.  Lisa Nielsen also highlights resources parents can use to learn about Digital Citizen in order to empower their students to become good digital citizens.  She share this information in her post, “Resources to Help Parents Raise Empowered Digital Citizens from Common Sense Media“.  Technology tips are always a welcome addition in the blogging and educating worlds and The Innovative Educator has many tips for you!  One such technology tip comes in how to do forced copies of documents in Google Documents the post was called “Force Copy: The G-Suite Tip Every Teacher Needs to Know.”

Why This Blog? This blog is written by a teacher for teachers.  It is easy to read and find whatever subject you would like to read about.  The only issue I have with the blog is that some of the posts are opinions of situations or policies that teachers face, though Lisa Nielsen does a great job of giving solutions to the problems or at least a rationale of her thoughts behind her opinions.

Overall, I give this blog 4 out of 5 roses.


Cool Cat Teacher


Vicki Davies the author of Cool Cat Teacher blog creates a unique and very modern style of blogging with 10 minute podcasts of different issues, topics, and tips for educators to use.  In today’s, fast pace society it makes sense that the 21st Century Educator might not have the time to sit down and read.  Audio books and podcasts have become the way for many of us to engage ourselves intellectually while driving to and from work or where our own lives might take us.  This podcast blog is a refreshing breath of air from a teacher who practices what she talks about.

The topics are wide and vary quite a bit from why elementary schools should stop using clips (her most recent post), “Ditch the Clips in Kindergarten and Here’s What to do Instead” in which a #ditchtheclips hashtag has been spawned to useful and creative Google Slides tips found in her post, “Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides“.

Vicki also provides curriculum based posts such as “Math Teacher: 5 Principles of Modern Mathematics Classroom,”  to developing a digital citizen curriculum in “How to Develop a Digital Citizen Curriculum“.

Why This Blog? At this point the answer is fairly simple not only does Vicki Davies use modern technology to engage her followers she addresses a variety of different topics within her blog.  She even invites guest to come and speak on her podcast blog.

Overall, I would give this podcast blog 4.5 out of 5 roses.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. - Anthony J. D'Angelo


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My name is Christina Tongyai. I am currently a graduate student at McDaniel College and a full time English teacher in Frederick, Maryland. I'm working toward my Master's Degree in School Librarianship/Media Specialist. This blog was created for my Learning Technologies class, but I hope to keep it updated within the coming days, weeks, months, etc...

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  1. I stumbled into the Catlin Tucker Blog and used it myself in my blog project. I found to informative with a lot of ready to use, pratical activities, advice, and topics to focus on when implementing technology in your classroom. I also like how you provided links to your reader to take them directly to topics they may want to know more about.

    I love the love of your blog. It’s creative and really let’s your personality come through. The site is easy for the reader to navigate – you shared lots of great information.

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